Solution for e-commerce

Offer your customers to pay by instant SEPA transfer and discover the advantages of this payment method.

The ideal alternative solution for e-commerce.

Have your customers pay by Instant SEPA Transfer!

YowPay has developed an alternate payment solution to bank card for e-commerce to solve their payment problems which are :

  • A significant % of unsuccessful payments while the cost of customer acquisition is high
  • The significant % on card transactions and frauds even in 3Dsecure
  • Card declined on large amounts
  • Anti-fraud cards declined due to exotic locations of cardholders
  • Settlement of funds after several days

A simple and fast integration on your e-commerce website

Integrating Yowpay into your e-commerce platform is simple:
- You use the same usual business bank account
- YowPay generates a unique QR code
- Frictionless payment, customer pays via their usual mobile banking app* directly to your bank account
- YowPay confirms the order automatically when the funds have arrived in the account, instantly or the next day at most
- No waiting times for the settlement of the funds as with card processors
- No chargebacks and other disputes
- No more manual transfer reconciliation bank transfers and other input difficulties for end customers.

Optimize your sales tunnel, recover declined card transactions today with YowPay

No opening fees, no monthly fees and we offer you the first 3 months with no transaction limit!

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The advantages of the instant SEPA transfer

Execution in 10 seconds Immediate availability of funds - improve your cash flow management
Irrevocable payments No chargeback, no outstanding payments. Instant Transfer is irrevocable
Get Payments Up to 15 000€ Your customers are not limited with cards payments limits
Available in all SEPA area Accept payment in all the SEPA area (SCT Inst) - Most of European countries
No need contract with you bank A simple bank account is enough to collect customers payments
Continuous service Instant SEPA transfers are available anywhere, anytime, 24/7
Low costs No subscription and no % commission on transactions
Very secure Transfers are made from the customer's banking interface (app or web)

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