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Examples of customers who have integrated YowPay

All these merchants have integrated YowPay into their payment methods.

Some examples of use

You have an e-commerce website

With YowPay, you can offer your customers a new, fast and efficient payment method.
Paying by bank transfer offers many advantages, both for the merchant and for the customer.

  • The instant transfer is secure, as it is made from the customer's bank interface.
  • It is fast. In instant, the money is in the merchant's bank account in less than 10 seconds
  • It is irrevocable. There can be no chargeback for the merchant
  • For the customer, paying by bank transfer allows him to avoid the CB limit

Physical shops or craftsmen/merchants

It's secure, simple and fast! From your web interface or the YowPay application, you create a new transaction by entering an amount and present the QR code to your customer.

You can also send it by email or other means for a later payment.

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