Become a Yowpay Partner

Payment platforms become a Yowpay Partner.

Why becoming a Yowpay Partner?

New type of payment method

Yowpay is the only payment method based on the European instant SEPA which is not a PIS (payment initiated service) solution, the payment is direct between the client and the merchant or the PSP collecting funds on behalf generating a QR code which is scanned by the client on his usual banking application.

Additional revenue and better merchant experience

So Yowpay, as an additional payment method converts, far more than any other SEPA transfer-based methods and will not only generate additional revenue for the PSP but also increase the overall conversion for the merchant and therefore make the PSP's overall offer more attractive.

The 2 types of PSP partnerships

The unregulated payment gateway

The merchant must open a Yowpay account and enroll their bank account to receive the funds, the payment gateway receives a % on the transaction fees

The PSP regulated under EMI or PI license

The merchant has no relationship with Yowpay, the bank account enrolled in Yowpay is the PSP’s one which collects all 3rd parties funds. The advantage is that the PSP can apply a % on incoming flows by collecting funds from merchants. A certain number of merchants want to process all payments with a single operator and have a single settlement, or simply do not want to expose their bank account data to the public. The PSP is charged Yowpay transaction fees.

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