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With YowPay, we facilitate the use of the instant SEPA transfer as a payment method.

The Yowpay service is designed to provide peacefulness for merchants. Backed by a team of 70 experts, we provide comprehensive and personalized support to our clients. Additionally, our infrastructure is hosted in Europe on our private cloud located in the Netherlands, ensuring security and compliance with data protection standards.

To end, our support team is available 24/7 to answer all questions and concerns, ensuring uninterrupted assistance. We are committed to providing a reliable and secure service, always supported by a competent team and accessible.

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YowPay is providing

E-commerce solution

  • Additional Payment method avoiding card scheme %, complicated onboarding with banks and PSPs and card limits
  • Remove the chargeback risk, SEPA Payments can’t be recalled
  • Instant settlement of the funds
  • Free E-commerce modules for Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce

Point of sales Mobile APP

  • Additional Payment method to your card terminal avoiding card scheme % and card limits
  • Instant settlement of the funds

Achieve more sales by offering your customers to pay by SEPA instant transfers

In many cases, YowPay allows your customers the ability to pay with an alternative solution if payment by card does not work (limit exceeded, no access to the 3d Secure code, no bank card available, etc ...).

Yow is a Software As A Service (SaaS) not a financial institution; therefore your funds are settled immediately and directly to your account from the buyer, no settlement period, guarantees withhold and risks of chargebacks.

No data collected about your customers for marketing or reselling purposes

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A Point Of Sales mobile app to facilitate payments by instant SEPA transfer

As a professional, merchant or craftsman, install the YowPay mobile application for free to facilitate payments by instant SEPA transfer. Enter an amount, we will generate a QR code that your customer can scan if their banking application is compatible. Otherwise, your customer will simply enter your banking information by copy/paste to make the transfer. You receive the money in seconds in your account! Payments are secure and irrevocable!

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How it works ?

Yowpay allow merchants to start immediately processing using their existing business bank accounts, no on boarding and collection of documents like with any other Payment Provider as it is a peer to peer solution.

Yowpay schema - how it works - step 1 - merchant
Your point of sales, activity, or online store
Yowpay schema - arrows
Yowpay schema - how it works - step 2 - client
A customer is buying goods or services
Yowpay schema - arrows
Yowpay schema - how it works - step 3 - client scan QR Code
You present the YowPay QR code to your customer
Yowpay schema - arrows
Yowpay schema - how it works - step 4 - client make transfert from banking app
Your customer pays by bank transfer from his banking mobile app
Yowpay schema - arrows
The money is transferred by SEPA instant transfer from the customer's bank account and your account.
Yowpay schema - arrows

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Yowpay - merchant - SEPA transfert solution for business

Open Banking Technology

Yowpay is based on Open Banking technology. Open Banking was decided by European Directive to oblige banks to open their systems to 3rd party providers in order to give access to financial transaction and provide added value to the existing banking systems in the best interests of the bank users.

Yowpay is generating a QR code from Yowpay mobile app or directly from the merchan’ts ecommerce website.

The buyer is then scanning the QR code from his usual mobile banking app and confirms the payment.

Yowpay is keeping the connexion with the merchant’s bank alive to get the notification of the new transactions and then matching the pending orders generated by the QR code to confirm the transactions.

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In which country YowPay is available?

Our payment solution is available in most countries in the SEPA zone in Europe.

Recommended Banking solutions

YowPay has selected few recommended Business Neobanking solutions which are fully approved by YowPay in terms of availiability of 24h/24 instant payments.

For example some banks are not refreshing transactions during the night which delays the confirmations of your transactions in YowPay. Therefore using a NeoBank could be a solution which even would most likely reduce your costs with your existing bank with extra services, currencies exchange, multiple cards, sub accounts, monitoring tools... far more advanced tools than the classical old school banking institutions on the market.

logo bank LPB

LPB is well known Baltic Bank addressing businesses and merchants.

  • IBANs are issued in Latvia.
  • LPB is offering business account and merchant accounts for many industries.

LPB is only onboarding medium and big merchants offering only the full package including business accounts, cards and acquiring services.

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logo bank Qonto

French regulated payment institution, Qonto provides business accounts with min 9 EUR / monthly fees.

  • It includes a business card and free transfers. some few additional services on upgraded plans, mostly tools, no banking features.
  • Qonto provides also swift in/out payments.
  • IBANs are isued in France which makes it a good solution for french businesses
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logo bank N26

N26 is the most popular NeoBank in Europe which was serving individuals first. Now offering business accounts with totally free minimum offer including a card which bring N26 as the cheapest solution

  • IBANs are issued in Germany
  • N26 has different packages with subaccounts and real additional banking services usefull for entrepreneurs.
  • N26 provided SEPA only transfers.
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logo bank Revolut

Initialy an Electronic Money Institution, Revolut became a regulated Bank in Lithuania.

  • They provide an automated onboarding accessing commercial registries, so less documents are needed
  • Offering business accounts no setup, no monthly fees on basic offers, outgoing transfers are expensive 3 GBP. card, employees cards, many banking services become availiable on non free offers.
  • Revolut provides also swift in/out payments.
  • IBANs are isued in Lithuania
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logo bank Wise

Initialy a currency exchange service in direct competition with banks, Transferwise rebranded as Wise moved to payment accounts and provide now business accounts, cards, swift in/out payments, US ACH debits credits.

  • IBANs are issued in Belgium
  • Wise is the most expensive, solution, 50 EUR setup, 0,41% outgoing transfer fees.
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logo bank Boursorama

French bank 100% online, business accounts, debit/credit card and deposits, Boursorama is offering for french businesses :

  • free incoming / outgoing SEPA transfers
  • swift support
  • only 9 EUR by months

Which makes Boursorama the cheapest french business bank.

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YowPay E-Commerce Supported Platforms

Custom Integration

You can integrate the YowPay payment solution from scratch in your business with our API.

Integration in your CMS system

We support the most commun CMS for e-commerce. Download the plugin and follow the intallations steps.