YowPay is answering your questions

YowPay is answering your questions

The instant transfer is about to lead to a revolution in our banking habits as it makes easier and faster transactions. Refunding a friend, paying an artisan or in a shop, buying a car ! the SEPA instant is availiable Europe in most of the banks

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What exactly does YowPay do?

We make it easy for you and your customers to exchange banking data. We create a unique QR code for you for each transaction, making it easier and faster for your customers to pay you with a transfer. If the customer's banking application is compatible with EPC QR codes, the payment takes only a few seconds. If the customer's banking application is not compatible, the customer will have to manually enter your banking information, the reference and the amount of the transaction (a copy/paste is possible and avoids input errors). If you have connected the YowPay application to your bank account, we will check for you that the transaction has been completed.

What does YOWPay mean?

The acronym YOW comes from the English expression " Your Own Way " or " go Your Own Way ". The expression has also been used and hijacked in the world of surfing and boarding in general, but keeping the same meaning : " go Your Own Wave " (follow your own wave). How cool is that ?

Is YowPay a bank or an e-wallet?

Absolutely not! We are only a facilitator of your payments via SEPA instant transfer. No financial flows pass through our services. All transfers are made from the client's bank interface to the recipient's (the beneficiary / merchant) account.

How does YowPay secure access to your banking data?

YowPay uses several Open Banking operators, companies under European licence, the only ones authorised to access customer account data.

This data is provided on a read-only basis, no debit can be made from your account.

YowPay does not store the data collected but only reconciles the transactions made via YowPay and the issuance of a QR code.