Fraud Protection

Yowpay implements actions to fight fraud, whether to protect end customers or merchants

Buyers : understanding frauds and scams

Yowpay is a peer to peer SEPA transfer solution, without the use of a bank card.

Therefore as a buyers are not protected by visa / mastercard regulation in terms of right to dispute.

The funds sent by bank transfer can’t automatically recalled, in case of fraud the buyer can request his bank to return the funds but the merchant on his side must accept the request.

Contact yowpay in case you are facing an issue with a merchant

Have you tryed to contact the merchant directly ?
The merchant doesn’t answer, you are suspecting the products of services not to be genuine or you are not delivered, we are here to assist you.

What do we do at Yowpay to protect you

We are visiting and reviewing each web site to ensure that the products/services are legal and not a scam. We are also monitoring the transactions for suspicious activities

What should buyers do to prevent being scammed

Before making a non-revocable payment you should pay attention to the following sign of possible scam

  • Very low pricing according to the market
  • Web site without history on google
  • Review trustpilot and other web site reputation
  • In case of tangible goods, review shipping and return policies
  • Review legal information, SEPA instant is available only in the EEA so any company outside EEA shall be not be able to use the services
  • Trying to buy prohibited goods and services, most likely nothing will be delivered
  • Trying to get well know brand at ultra-discount prices, most likely nothing will be delivered or fake will be delivered
  • No card payment solution on the web site, would be a sign that the merchant lost his payment processor agreement which shall raise suspicions
  • Freehosted web site and low-quality design and misspellings
  • Being on a web site and getting redirected for the payment to another one

Merchants fraud protection

Using Yowpay merchants will receive only SEPA payments, therefore no chargebacks can be initiated by the buyer in contrary of card processing solutions.

whatever it is the responsibility of the merchant to check if the sender’s name is matching with the order details, internet banking can be hacked and or buyer can be scammed online to initiate a transfer. If the direct chargeback is not possible, in case of fraudulent use of the bank account and a criminal investigation related to the fraud the merchant will have to accept the return of the funds.

To prevent disputes on payment, merchants are invited to review also they bank statement of spot any unknown transfer which could come from yowpay but without the proper reference that yowpay is using to match transactions, it is important in this case to manually point the order or refund the payment. yowpay doesn’t interfer in such actions.